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Flambards Theme Park, Helston, Cornwall is a great family fun day out with plenty of great things to do! Brave the sky-high thrill rides, or enjoy the undercover soft play area. Discover dinosaurs in the Jurassic Journey and uncover fossils in the Dino Dig.  Step back in time in the life-size Victorian Village and experience Britain in the Blitz in the award-winning Indoor Attractions. 

Enjoy Cornwall’s best day of the week – whatever the weather. There is plenty to enjoy even on those rainy days.

Victorian Britain

Victorian Village

Step back in time to experience what life was like in Victorian Britain.

Try to resist the tempting smells of Victorian sweets and Camp Coffee as you explore a life-size village from yesteryear, painstakingly created to include more than 50 realistic shops including a confectioner’s, toy store, milliner’s, ironmonger’s, tobacconist’s, butcher’s, corsetière and a barbershop.

Experience snapshot scenes of lives ‘frozen in time’ as you step inside the local pub, visit a Victorian home, and see the divide between rich and poor as you compare the grand hotel lobby alongside the hardship in the working quarters. As aristocrats in fine dress ring bells demanding service, children and maids wearing ragged clothes work tirelessly over boiling pots and pans to meet their demands.

Discover thousands of authentic artefacts such as jewellery, toys, textiles, tools and housewares. Can you spot flagship brands such as Marmite, Pears and Yardley, as you scan across 52,000 original items of vintage packaging on display?

The Victorian Village is a labour of love for Flambards and the exhibition has won several national awards for its authentic reconstructions. These include original granite setts salvaged from Bath, and a wood block floor rescued from demolition diggers which tore through a Victorian school in the North of England.

Click here to see dates for our ‘Indoor Attraction Only‘ days throughout the year. 

Explore the Victorian Village with a special ‘Who Dunnit’ mystery quiz trail to complete. Hunt down the clues as you venture around 50 different shops and scenes to solve the crime. 


Britain in the Blitz

Bomb sirens wail, the floor shakes, Doodlebugs glide overhead, families rush into their Anderson shelters and evacuees crowd railway stations to escape. Welcome to  Britain in the Blitz at Flambards – which was confirmed by Dame Vera Lynn as being an authentic reconstruction of life on the home front.

Explore our life-sized replica of a London street blitzed during World War II. Read the touching original letters from child evacuees writing home. Imagine families’ fear as a Doodlebug mobs glided ominously towards their homes. Peep in as a mother tucks up her children while her husband serves his country on the front line.

The exhibition was the first of its kind in the UK when it was opened by Dame Vera in 1984. Since then, hundreds of thousands of survivors have agreed it’s a realistic and sensitive homage to those who managed to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On,’ despite the hardships of war. 


Chemist Shop Time Capsule

See how time has stood still within a ‘time capsule’ chemist’s shop – which lay forgotten and neglected for 100 years before finding a new home at Flambards.

Chemist William White died in 1909, ending his management of a pharmacy in South Petherton, Somerset. His son Edward was unqualified to dispense drugs and boarded up the store – and it lay dormant for 100 years.

Flambards rescued the shop and began a painstaking task to number and chart thousands of artefacts – right down to the cobwebs! The team then reassembled every medicine bottle, apothecary jar, quartz carboy, demijohn and pill dispenser in exactly the same positions they were found in. 

There was just one difference – The Home Office confiscated dangerous compounds and poisons! 

Plus all the rides



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