Polzeath and Rock – by Isaac an 11 year old travel writer

Polzeath and Rock

Come to Polzeath and Rock located on the north coast of Cornwall. Once you’ve been here it will be difficult to find a setting more picturesque. These locations are situated along the estuary perfect for anyone. The amazing view of these places will leave you in awe: amazing white sand is laid all across the beaches and the calm waters of the estuary.

Polzeath is in close proximity to lots of ice cream shops, surf schools, many restaurants and a spa even walking distance to many beaches, Rock (like Polzeath) is in close proximity to many beaches it is also walking distance to a butchers, a restaurant, a pasty shop, a spa also a pub which is located near many holiday homes.

There are lots of activities in Polzeath such as sailing on the calm waters of the estuary or taking a ferry over to Padstow to wander the small alleys. You can also paddleboard out in the estuary and in Polzeath you can go surfing on the waves. Paddleboarding and swimming are also a good activity if you like to be active.

Rock also has its fair share of history. If you are interested in poetry or literature there is the grave of John Betjeman. If you are interested in the bronze age and the iron age there are burial grounds from thousands of years ago around the same times as cavemen.

Rock and Polzeath are also interesting holiday spots and they have been for decades. From the glamorous waters of the estuary to the rough waves of Polzeath there is a lot to love and a lot of holiday homes to pick from and various places to get your favourite foods ranging from salads and fruits to pizzas and fish. Also you have got to make sure to pick up a Cornish delicacy, the pastie.



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