Cornish Apple Project

Hidden Orchard is the brainchild of Jeff Bradley. He has a degree in
horticulture and is the owner of a successful landscaping company based
in Cornwall.

Every Autumn he’d be inundated with calls from clients wanting their
windfall apples cleaned up. One day a client was regaling their tales of
woe about a particularly persistent badger that was feasting on
fermenting apples. Once Jeff had banished the mental image of drunk
badgers romping with abandon through his clients garden, he had a
lightbulb moment.

He imagined how many thousands of tasty apples were going to waste on
trees in back gardens and public spaces throughout Cornwall, and
realised they all added up to one big Hidden Orchard! Horrified at all
the waste and inspired by the badger partying on fermented apples, he
decided to do something about it.

Jeff set up ‘The Cornish Apple Project’ as a ‘fruit exchange’ where
people drop off their unloved apples, and in return they receive a
percentage back in bottled and pasteurized apple juice which he hand

Jeff eventually took the plunge to set up his business, Hidden Orchard,
and using the ‘fruit exchange’ apples collected by The Cornish Apple
Project, Hidden Orchard now produces a range of apple juice, crushed
pale apple cider and apple cider vinegar.
We love WONKY FRUIT! We also buy in the so-called wonky fruit. Their
crimes? Not being perfect or #instaworthy so not suitable for sale.

Hidden Orchard has expanded to be a family affair with Liz, Jeff’s
sister, managing the marketing, distribution and keeping Jeff on his
toes like only a big sister can.

The Cornish Apple Project


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