Unique Charitable Hotel & Villa Reservations Directory Launched for Bali & Thailand

A unique, charitable hotel & villa reservations directory has recently launched for Bali & Thailand. Travel Ethos is the brainchild of a corruption / human rights victim and activist, Mark Austin.

Mark’s English company has been providing bespoke services to the Bali and Thailand tourism market for 8 years, but since Mark’s life was put at risk at his home in Phuket, Thailand as a result of problems with an aggrieved business competitor and the alleged illegal actions of what many — including Transparency International — consider to be one of the most corrupt police forces (Indonesia) in the world, meant his ability to maintain a commercial travel business to these destinations ended. In addition, as a result of these problems, Mark began to realise the greater problems for the people of Bali and Thailand, including their children.

Mark’s company has always supported worthwhile causes such as with free accommodation for the friends and families of Bali’s bomb victims, plus financial aid to poor families who lost their only income source when their family member was sent home without pay from the hotel where they worked due to the tourism problems, in a land without social security. His company also made a name for itself supporting where possible hotels and villas that were legal and ethical in every respect, so many not giving their own impoverished staff the service charge element they are legally entitled to. So the concept of and migration to a charitable reservations site which focused on the ethical or not operations of the hotel industry was a vary logical and easy one to make.

Travel Ethos asks for any support the media, hotel / villa owners and tourists can give it. Any hotel or villa owners in Bali or Thailand not yet listed on the site are asked to do so. Travelers are asked to use Travel Ethos’s direct reservations facility when and where they can as the commission the site earns goes directly to a needy children charity.

Please visit Travel Ethos here: www.travelethos.com – Bali & Thailand Hotels & Villas Reservations, Charitably and Ethically


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