Lundy Island’s 40th Anniversary Appeal

Lundy Island’s 40th Anniversary Appeal. Self Catering Cottages on Lundy Island. Those who find it and are hooked by it have ever after something special in common with each other – be they bird watchers, archaeologists, botanists, climbers, divers, lovers of solitude, or lovers of good company. These were Sir John Smith’s words shortly after Landmark took over responsibility for Lundy in 1969. 40 years on, thanks to the generosity of supporters such as yourself, Lundy remains very special. If we are to keep Lundy special we must build on the foundation of 40 years hard work to create a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. This is why we are launching the Lundy 40th Anniversary Appeal and asking for your support.

Lundy is special Lundy’s attraction is as a retreat from modern life and offers self catering cottages. It is a place for birdwatchers, divers, climbers, plant enthusiasts, archaeologists and geologists or those who simply want to enjoy its beauty and unique environment. Recognised as one of the most important sites for nature conservation in the UK  home to rare species of bird, insect, mammal, marine and plant life; Lundy is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Englands only statutory Marine Nature Reserve.

Why your support is so important Nothing on the island can be taken for granted. You may recall an extreme case of need in 2007 when stretches of the beach road crumbled away. The emergency appeal produced an overwhelming response, enabling completion of road repairs in May 2009. Without the support of so many people this would not have been possible. Lundy’s future remains precarious Lundy is not able to generate consistently enough funds to support future major projects. This leaves the island extremely reliant on the generosity of others and is why we are asking you to make a donation at this time. Your support will help us focus on three key areas:
Conserve Lundy’s unique ecosystem: For example, fund a Ranger to maintain footpaths and drystone walls, and oversee land drainage, recycling, waste and habitat management, including rhododendron control. Create a sustainable future: For example, facilitate urgent replacement of the island’s main fresh water tank, which is at the end of its working life. Enhance understanding and enjoyment: For example, subsidise school trips to the island and improve visitor information areas to improve the understanding of Lundy.

Help us create and secure a sustainable future for Lundy The islanders work hard to protect and preserve this special place for others to enjoy but without further investment will find it increasingly difficult to undertake projects essential to the island’s survival. We need your help to maintain the fragile balance between sustaining Lundy and welcoming visitors, whilst protecting its unblemished qualities and remarkable natural habitats. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a valuable contribution towards Lundy’s future and help preserve the uniqueness of this magical place. Please make your donation to The Lundy Fund today and help us keep Lundy special for future generations to explore and enjoy.
To donate go to Lundy’s website

Lundy Island Self Catering Cottages. Self Catering Cottages on Lundy Island


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