Furnishing a vacation home to give your guests a luxury experience

There are two options when it comes to decorating and furnishing a holiday rental: basic or luxury. Basic holiday homes tend to attract tourists expecting to pay a low rent and are often treated with less respect. Guests sometimes fail to look after the property and contents while staying there, viewing it only as a place to store their belongings and lay their heads at night.

Choosing instead to market your property as a luxury holiday home provides numerous advantages in comparison.
While the interior design requires a greater initial outlay, the rental yields achieved by luxury properties tend to be far higher. Furthermore, guests will be more likely to view the property as a home from home, affording your furniture and belongings the same respect as they would their own. Luxury properties have an added benefit of making an impression on those that stay there. If done well, a luxury property will provide a wonderful experience, often leading to repeat bookings, fantastic reviews, and personal recommendations; in other words, they market themselves.

Holiday homes offer something that hotels simply cannot; they offer the freedom to enjoy your holiday on your own terms, without being subject to set eating arrangements, curfews or other restrictions. It is not solely a matter of comfort and convenience that leads people to choose to stay in holiday homes, however, but also a desire for an authentic experience. Hotel rooms tend to be styled extremely generically in order to accommodate the widest possible audience without providing cause for complaint. This is particularly true of hotels that are part of a global or national chain. On the contrary, luxury holiday homes are expected to have a certain amount of personality.

It is important that the style of the interior decoration and furnishings should reflect your property’s location. A mountain cabin might be expected to incorporate carved wooden furniture, cozy rugs, open fires, or a wood-burning stove, and to be decorated in natural shades. A luxury beach house on the other hand may feature light, airy rooms decorated in sunny yellow, warm terracotta, or varying shades of blue – with furnishing and decorations incorporating shells, sand patterns, or a seaside theme. A New York penthouse apartment might reasonably be expected to have a modern minimalist feel, using chrome, marble and leather and in black and white to create a stylish chiaroscuro effect.

Whatever the style, comfort plays an essential role in creating a sense of luxury. Do not be tempted to opt for futons or sofa beds in an attempt to create extra sleeping space. This will both seem cheap and generally prove uncomfortable. If you advertise the property as high-end luxury, this is what you must provide. Leather sofas are a fantastic option. A leather suite is easy to clean and hardwearing, while also screaming luxury and being versatile enough to fit in with almost any theme. Opting for famous sofa brands only enhances this effect.

Beyond the major furnishings, there are some tricks that can help create a sense of luxury without breaking the bank. Take a minimalist approach rather than aiming for opulent luxury and you will simply have to shell out for less. A fabulous effect is easily achieved using mainly neutral colours with one or two contrasting feature pieces that draw the eye and add interest, placed throughout the property. A small space can be made to feel much larger using light colours, giant rugs, large windows and floor to ceiling mirrors. Add drama to a room by painting one wall a dark colour. This will create warmth, while also being easy and cheap to repaint.
This is just a selection of ideas that will help you easily create a sense of luxury in your holiday home. With a little effort, it is possible to achieve a fantastic effect on a moderate budget. The rewards you stand to reap far outweigh any initial costs.


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