Alternatives to Hotels When Travelling For Business

When your job has you on the road, staying in hotels every night can get pretty depressing—not to mention hard on your travel budget. It’s not too difficult to end up paying upwards of £100 a night for a room with little more than a bed and a microwave. But it’s not like you have any other options. Or do you?

Thanks to the Internet, getting connected to comfortable, affordable accommodation is easier then ever before. As long as you don’t mind sacrificing the stale bagels and store-brand orange juice that comes with your go-to hotel’s continental breakfast, consider these alternatives.


If you think you need to be good friends with someone before you can ask to crash at their place, think again. Websites like and serve to connect travellers with homeowners around the world, for an arrangement where both parties benefit. On these sites, you can browse through photos and descriptions of rooms available in your destination, then choose whichever appeals to you most. Prices vary, but it’s possible to find private rooms for under £20 per night. As an added
perk, you get an instant connection with a local who can tell you how to get to those all important

Bed and Breakfasts

They’re not just for budget honeymooners! While these mini-hotels may ask you to share a hallway bathroom with other guests, they tend to offer a far more homely atmosphere, along with a lower price tag. However, be sure to check that they provide whatever amenities you’re not willing to forgo—if a flat-screen television is non-negotiable, then you may have to look elsewhere. You can locate a B&B and read reviews on Accommodation Zone.

Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartment will usually feature all the comforts of home, such as fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, Wi-Fi, and TV, and many also offer convenient locations and stunning views. Companies such as Signet Apartments provide highly tailored solutions that can be adapted to suit your


You may be picturing yourself sharing a room with three scraggly twenty-year-old poets and checking your mattress for bedbugs, but many hostels are clean and modern, and make a viable option for more than just youthful backpackers. Many offer private rooms, and while furnishings and amenities may be minimalistic, hostels are one of the best options if you’re planning to be out most of the day and just need somewhere to sleep. They may be more common internationally, but the United Kingdom has its fair share as well. Search to read reviews and find one that meets your personal standards.

Religious Housing

No need to become a monk or nun to stay in a monastery or convent—many offer cheap, simple accommodation to visitors of all creeds as long as they agree to abide by some basic rules. Of course, this is a little more rare, as you won’t exactly find an abbey on every street corner, but if you’re in the
right area and hoping to find a quiet place to stay the night, it’s an option worth exploring.

Next time your work has you heading out of town, take advantage of the global community at your fingertips and find an unconventional spot to call your home. You may come out of the experience with some great stories to tell.

Author Sarah Evans


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