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We are the Acommodation Zone, a service to anyone looking for Accommodation for holidays, family get togethers or business trips etc and to you the owners of Accommodation, Hotels,  Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Self Catering accommodation, Holiday Parks, Campsites and Caravan Parks.

We offer a number of packages to suit your requirements, whether you want just a listing that will get you seen in all the right places or whether you want to take advantage of multiple listings and our additional services such as our Quicklinks, Spoffs, features etc.


A Listing is the standard online advertising and marketing product that all our services are based upon. The Listing is designed to offer all the information prospective quests require from basic contact details to menu and enquiry facilities. The listing will reflect your website.

Product Details

Contact and address details
Link to your direct booking
Property Description
Local information
Room information
Area Map
User ratings
Local weather

Late Bookings
For sale section
Virtual Tour or Video
Website link
Email enquiry
Linked properties
News Feeds
International links

We also offer a Face Book page, Twitter, various blogs and links within relevant articles broadly published

Quick Links

A Quick link is an aggressive advertising and marketing traffic generating text link that appears on the site as a listing in its own right, directing to the your listing.

Each Quick Link you choose will be specific to you and is a key phrase that advertises your listing and will aggressively drive traffic both through user clicks and search engine indexing to your ECP. This will boost both your enquiries and visibility on and external search engines.


Spoffs are the special offers offered by you. They are listed within the site in their own right with a seperate URL and is linked to your main listing. Spoffs will be supported by an App and is an aggressive marketing platform to ensure your special offers are seen. They will provide you with flexibility and a secure platform to make your special offers effective



  • One listing submission
  • 365 days expiration
  • Submit your business



  • Six listing submissions
  • 365 days expiration
  • Submit your business
  • Create Spoffs
  • 4 Quicklinks



  • Twelve listing submissions
  • 365 days expiration
  • Submit your business
  • Create Spoffs
  • 8 Quicklinks
  • Feature


If you have multiple listings then you might need a bespoke service beyond the packages offered above. Please contact us to discuss how we can provide you with a service reflecting your needs