Can I edit my accommodation profile once it is live on the Accommodation Zone?

Yes. You will need to log into the Accommodation Zone, once you are into your login area simply click the "Accommodations" button to go to the Accommodations screen. Once there you will see a list of your accommodations, simply click on the accommodation you wish to edit and you will see all the details that you can edit.

Can I list more than one accommodation profile on the Accommodation Zone?

Yes. The Accommodation Zone allows for each client to have as many accommodations listed as they wish, simply repeat the instructions in the "How do I add my accommodation to the Accommodation Zone?" question.

Do I need to register to use the Accommodation Zone?

No. However if you do register with the site you get some extra features for free, for example as a registered user you will be able to leave reviews of accommodations, you will also be able to use our Route Planner which allows you to plan for accommodations along your route.

Hints and Tips for your accommodation profile.

1. It is wise to ensure that you have entered an accurate address otherwise you will not appear on any of the maps on the Accommodation Zone.

2. Be sure to use a good selection of keywords in the details of your accommodation because it will improve your chance of being found of the Accommodation Zone and through search engines.

3. Make sure you keep you profile up to date.

How do I add my accommodation to the Accommodation Zone?

To add your accommodation to the Accommodation Zone you'll need to be registered with the Accommodation Zone and you will need to log into the Accommodation Zone. Once you are into your login area simply click the "Accommodations" button to go to the Accommodations screen, once there click the "New Advertising Profile" and then follow the simple wizard.

How do I contact the owner of an accommodation that I am interested in?

To contact the owner of an accommodation simply browse to their profile on the Accommodation Zone and click the "Make an Enquiry" button in the Our Accommodation menu. Simply fill in the form and click the "Contact Accommodation" button and your enquiry will be sent to the owner of the accommodation.

How do I register with the Accommodation Zone?

To register on the Accommodation Zone simply click the "register" button in the Advertiser Menu, When registering on the Accommodation Zone you can be safe in the knowledge that your details are secure. As a security measure for registering, you will receive an email to confirm that you want to be registered on the Accommodation Zone. This email will provide you with your registration confirmation details, once you have entered the details your registration is complete. You will now be able to log into the Accommodation Zone with the details that you entered.

How does the Advanced Search work?

The advanced search gives you much more control of your search, you can search by Name, Town/City, County, Postcode, Telephone Number, Rating and Facilities. This really gives you the chance to tailor your search for exactly what you need.

How does the Quick Search work?

The quick search on the Accommodation Zone allows you to quickly search the accommodation listings. You can search by Name, Location and Keywords, you have to fill in at least one of the text boxes for the search to operate.

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