Online tourism marketing and Accommodation advertising products available through are some of the most adaptive and flexible online marketing and advertising solutions available to the accommodation industry in the world. From our simplest online accommodation advertising product to our most complete hotel marketing package we give all our customers the same high level of service and do our very best to help them develop their business from season to season.

Listed below are some of our standard advertising and marketing products or for more detailed info get in contact with an account manager today by

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Product: FREE Directory Listing
Every accommodation establishment is entitled to a Free Directory Listing in the Accommodation Zone online directory.

Product Details:

Establishment name and address

If you are not currently part of the directory please call our account management team who will be happy to set one up for you. Call +44 (0)1392 580847


Product: Intermediate Listing
An Intermediate Listing is a stripped down version of our standard online advertising and marketing product that all our services are based upon. The Intermediate Listing is designed to offer limited information to your potential clients.

Product Details:

Contact and address details, link to your website and a high quality image

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Product: Enhanced Client Page (ECP)
An Enhanced Client Page or ECP is the standard online advertising and marketing product that all our services are based upon. The ECP is designed to offer all the information prospective quests require from basic contact details to menu and enquiry facilities.

Product Details:

Contact and address details
Link to your website
Property Description
Local information linked to local attractions on AZ
Room information
Area Map
User ratings
Local weather
Late Bookings
For sale section
Online booking link
Virtual Tour or Video
Website link
Email enquiry
Linked properties
News Feeds
International links
We also offer a Face Book page, access to My Space, Twitter, various blogs and links within relevant articles broadly published

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Below are the key benefits of upgrading to an ECP.

- Optimised to rank highly in all major search engines for both your sector and geographical area. Ensuring you have a strong web presence for advertising and marketing even if you do not have a website.

- Enhance Client Pages appear first in all searches on the site above FREE Directory Listings. Attracting more enquiries through the directory.

- All information can be kept up to date by you through a secure online login, ensuring your information is always current and your in control of that information

- Allows you to list full menus, looking to attract foodies this is a fantastic opportunity

- Link to your website helps raise performance of your own websites in search engines.

- Enquiry service. Boost your bookings

- Map & Directions so guests can easily find you.

- List of your facilities. Allows users to find you based on there specific requirements

- Social Networking and Article publication Allows users to utilise Face Book, My Space, Twiiter, various blogs and article publication for advertising and marketing accommodation throughout the Accommodation network.

- International Connection Close links with Accommodation Zone in USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany

Product: Quick Links
A Quick link is an aggressive advertising and marketing traffic generating text link that appears on the site on the left hand side under the heading Quick Links, linked directly to your Enhanced Client Page and appears 20'000 times on the site.
Each Quick Link you choose will be specific to you and is a key phrase that advertises your ECP and will aggressively drive traffic both through user clicks and search engine indexing to your ECP. This will boost both your enquiries and visibility on and external search engines.


Quick Link Short Breaks in Redditch this will appear in the left hand side of the site and if clicked on go direct to your ECP. Each quick link must appear in your establishments description on your ECP.


So with over 8 years experience in the accommodation industry and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff of account managers, every marketing, advertising product or package our customers purchase is tailored to fit both their budget and their sector. Whether you are a small bed and breakfast or a large hotel chain we have the right product, at the right price. Each one created specifically to raise both your visibility on the World Wide Web and increase your enquiry levels year on year.

We ensure that we will always be adapting our services, products and our website to maximise online exposure. We can also provide highly competitive web services from hosting to website design with added advantage of a practical understanding of the industry.

Telephone +44 (0)1392 580847

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